How To Make Everyday A Good Hair Day


Are you guys the type that washes your hair daily, every other day, or a couple times a week? I for one love day 2 and 3 hair! By day 2 and 3, any frizz has calmed down and your hair is a lot more manageable and just works better in your favorite messy bun, or your blow out and your curls start to relax and look a little more effortless.

I love that feeling of freshly-washed hair though, so I always try to find products that keep my hair feeling clean longer in between washes. Usually that means dry shampoo, but Pantene’s new Charcoal Collection keeps your hair feeling refreshed and full of shine in between washes. The charcoal absorbs impurities like magnetic attraction and then it releases antioxidants so it can keep purifying even after you rinse. I love all the charcoal skincare products but I had never thought of using it in haircare!  (The collection is also paraben and silicone free. You guys will have to try it and let me know what you think! Right now when you get two Charcoal Collection products either in-store or online, you can receive a $5 gift card – just something to keep in mind on your next Target run

Below are a few more of my favorite picks for him & her! I also announced the winners of the Nordstrom Giveaway on this post. There were 5 winners who won $100 gift cards and a grand prize winner who will receive a $1000 gift card to Nordstrom, so check to see if you won here


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